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As the only truly national commercial and industrial property brokerage in South Africa, nobody knows the market like we do. It’s this in-depth insight
into the needs and challenges relating to property brokering that sets us apart when it comes to property management.

We understand what it takes to find the right space. How to attract the right tenants, and manage the numerous administration and compliance
requirements that come with it.

Whether you’re a property owner or landlord, our experienced team has the tools and expertise to take the hassle out of managing your property,
increase occupancy rates and secure long-term value for your investment.
Every property under our care is meticulously managed through the correct channels and compliance procedures by our highly experienced team. We
also employ advanced property management software to provide a truly seamless digital experience for landlords and tenants alike.
Our property management expertise includes:

  • Detailed financial reporting, budget analysis and billing

  • Day-to-day administration

  • Maintenance and utilities management

  • Space and Lease management

  • Tenant/Owner relationship management

  • Adherence to industry best practices

  • Marketing and advertising
When it comes to leasing your commercial property, there are a large number of responsibilities to take into account. From keeping track of operating
costs and outsourcing sub-contractors to managing risk, facilities management and a host of compliance requirements, managing your property is a
complex undertaking.

At Warehouse Finder, we provide specialised consulting services to calculate the best model to suit your exact needs and provide an end-to-end
property management solution.
Our experienced Letting Consultants compile
legally-binding lease agreements that protect the
interests of both the landlord and tenant. These leases
clearly outline the handling of rental payments
and collections, increases, deposits, maintenance issues and
damage claims amongst others.
Rent is collected at the beginning of the month in terms
of the lease agreement. This rental income is then
electronically transferred to your nominated bank
account. We can also arrange payments on your behalf
regarding levies, insurance and other finances.
Tenant Screening
We screen all prospective tenants by conducting
thorough credit and reference checks before signing a
lease agreement.
We target potential tenants through a variety of media
channels to find the right tenants or your property and
increase occupancy rates quickly.
We operate transparently and adhere to all regulatory
and compliance standards. Advanced energy
assessment, monitoring and environmental
sustainability are also managed appropriately. Strict
occupational health, safety and security standards
provide complete peace of mind.
Repairs and Maintenance
Should your property require any maintenance or repair
work, we will arrange, track and manage the entire
process. This includes anything from plumbing, electrical
and painting to various other repairs within the parameters
of the mandate signed with the property owner.
We conduct pre- and post-occupancy inspections of
rented properties. Should any restorations be required,
we will source the best quotes and oversee the work.
Costs incurred will be offset against the deposit balance
as required.