As multi-specialists in sales, leasing and development in the industrial and commercial property sectors, we are uniquely positioned to address all of our clients’ property needs.  
Founded by Craig Cooper in 2011, Warehouse Finder has grown into a multi-sector property brokerage with its Head Office is in Bryanston, Johannesburg, as well as a footprint in strategically located business hubs in major metropolitan areas in Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria. Most recently, the company has expanded even further afield into the previously-deemed remote areas of Nelspruit and Pietermaritzburg. 


Our highly-skilled and dedicated national team leverages their wealth of knowledge and experience to provide personalised solutions that support, develop and implement any industrial property strategies your growing business may require.



CRAIG COOPER, DIRECTOR   Originally from Port Elizabeth, Craig completed his B.Comm Marketing and Business           Management studies before making the move to the commercial capital of Gauteng in         2002. Although he started off his career in the financial services industry, he soon                 realised that his true passion was property. Craig began his career in the commercial           property industry under a locally-based firm. In 2011, he had his big break and single-           handedly founded the company that is today known as Warehouse Finder. In addition to       actively growing and expanding his national business, he spends a great deal of his time     and energy on training and developing talent with a hands-on management style. 



   Taschy Fourie has 10 years’ experience in corporate management and directorship                including startup expansion, divisional diversification and general business management      at EXCO level, amongst others. Taschy joined the property industry in March 2016 and        has successfully applied her knowledge of business operations to assist our clients in          achieving their property strategies. With the 2016/2017 upswing in property sales,                Warehouse Finder opted to dedicate a resource to our sales division to leverage this            movement in the market. 

    “I personally pride myself in unrivalled service levels and make it my business to                                               know yours!”       


    Wironiek started at Warehouse Finder in May 2013 as an administrative and sales                assistant. Over the years, her strong management and administration skills did not go          unnoticed and at the start of 2017 she was appointed as the National Operations                  Manager. Since then her responsibilities have escalated from assisting brokers with              admin to comprehensively managing admin and databases, and ensuring that all                  aspects of the organisation’s operations run smoothly.

   “Working for Warehouse Finder is not just a job, it’s being part of a family where we all          support and motivate each other every day”.


   Ané’s passion for the property industry led her to explore an opportunity with Warehouse     Finder in June 2017. Starting her career with Warehouse Finder as a broker, our director     Craig soon recognised her knack for marketing and people relations, and appointed her       as Marketing Manager. She is responsible for building the company’s brand through             various mediums, as well as building and communicating our company culture. 

   “I draw my inspiration from people around me and the recognition I receive for the                 campaigns I run.”



  Karen studied HR Management through INTEC, and received her Diploma in 2009. She      began her career at Warehouse Finder by assisting with all administrative functions when    the company was still in its infancy. Due to the fact that Human Resources has always          been a passion of hers, it was a natural decision for her to take over this role. She was        later assigned to the Financials and Accounts as well.

  “I’m inspired by hard-working people, go-getters, people who follow and stick to their             dreams no matter what life throws at them.”



  Samantha began her Warehouse Finder career in April 2014, shortly after the opening of      the Durban office. She is the industrial specialist in the Westmead area in Pinetown and      was later promoted to the regional manager of the KZN offices in Durban and                        Pietermaritzburg. She divides her time between training new up-and-coming brokers for      the region and personally taking care of her industrial clients.

   “I feel privileged to be a part of this brokerage and take pride in working with our                   colleagues all over the country.” 



  Rosa started off as a broker for Office Book in 2013 and re-joined the company in 2017 as    the Office Manager for the Cape Town branch. Her duties include the daily running of the      office and lending a helping hand to her team members when they need her. She is highly    motivated, with exceptional multi-tasking and organisational skills. Rosa is always in            search of new ways to further her knowledge and personal development.

  “My inspiration in life is my son and daughter to always be there, to motivate them to do         their best and to live life to the max!”

Our services:
New Leases
The terms of your lease agreement can make or break the success of your investment or severely impact your occupational objectives. With rigorous negotiation skills and in-depth technical and market related knowledge, we can help you make the most of your lease agreement, whether you are an investor or an occupier.
Lease Reviews
The best approach is a proactive one. Commercial lease agreements are often only looked at when it is time for a rent review or lease renewal, but anticipating the parties' changing needs over the term of the lease agreement can benefit both investor and occupier.We consult and manage the entire lease process whilst looking for ways to help our commercial property investors and occupiers achieve their objectives.
Asset Disposals and Acquisitions
Whether you are considering the sale or acquisition of a single asset or a large industrial property investment portfolio, our team will go the extra mile to secure a quick, professional transaction. By utilising our in-depth knowledge of finance and the property industry, we will ensure the best possible price.
Our industrial property specialists have a keen understanding of capital markets and industrial property as well as the buyers and sellers involved in transactions. We will establish the value of a property, market it effectively, and deliver the best possible result. This, coupled with our extensive database of investors is a proven winning recipe. If you are on the acquisition side, we represent buyers at all stages of the process. We also advise on selection and location, as well as opportunity sourcing and due diligence.

  • Landlord representation and Occupier Services (Leasing)

  • Buying and Selling

  • Owner Occupier and Investment Sales

  • Corporate Real Estate Services (CRES)

  • Turnkey Developments

  • Property Portfolio Management

  • Company Real Estate Growth Strategies